Woah! That’s a whole lotta pancakes!

Hello Guys!
Welcome back to LifeIsAsEasyAs! I’m so glad, it’s been nearly a week now! Thank you guys so much for the new followers! I’m so glad that my blog is getting noticed, and that you guys like it! So from the bottom of my heart I’m so happy! 😃❤️

I’m lucky today that I’ve had a teacher training day so I’ve had no school for the whole day! So I’ve been shopping into the town centre and I’ve got some new stuff; which I’m going to share with you on Wednesday’s post!

I’m sorry this post is late! It was meant to be for yesterday but something went wrong and now I have to do it today! So… let’s get on with it! Time for pancakes!

I made my pancakes myself, I’m actually quite proud as I have never made pancakes before! One has Natural Yogurt with honey and banana. And the other one has Nutella and banana! Yummy!

Thats all for today! I hoped you enjoyed today’s very short but yummy post! Pancakes are on their way! Hope you have a brilliant pancake day! What are you having in your pancakes?





Recently I liked 001


How are you guys? Glad we’ve dealt with Monday, and it’s nearly the middle of the week. Well, I have no school this week – which means more time for blogging and chilling.

I’ll let you know all I’ve really been doing is watching tv, eating way too much and planning – I love having a week off to give me a little refresher!

Today I thought I’d do a new style of post, which I got inspiration for from my friend Elena, she’s a great blogger so go give her blog some love!

The idea of this is that I share some things I’ve been liking recently:

  • Eating/drinking – oreos and lemon water 🍋
  • Watching – The Winter Olympics ❄️ Dancing On Ice ( if you live outside the UK you probably won’t know what it is ) 💃Jumanji – Welcome to the jungle 🍃
  • Reading – Harry Potter 🔮 Your blogs ( of course! ) 💻
  • Listening to – Ed Sheeran ( as always ) 🎶
  • Wearing – leggings, my comfy hoodie and several t shirts 👚
  • Doing – blogging! ❤️

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a brilliantDay x

How to make the most of Sunday!

Ahhhhh Sunday, everyone’s least favorite day of the week. Monday blues are slowly creeping in, the snack cupboard is empty and your not even in the mood for Netflix. I understand this is how most people feel, but we can change that. We can make Sunday a more positive day and make sure we have a kick in our step on Monday! It’s going to be difficult but WE CAN DO IT!

Plan ahead-

On a Sunday I find it really helps to get everything down on paper, especially if I’m stressed. It might not be a lot, but even just planning my outfit helps me feel slightly less anxious!

Have fun-

Wether it’s your favourite treat or an hour more of that Netflix show you love, you deserve it! Enjoy Sunday! Treat it like your last free day of the week. Doesn’t matter about eating too much chocolate, or watching one- too many Netflix shows, Sunday is meant for fun.


Have an hour extra in bed, take time to put on a face mask or even have a nice bath. Taking time to de-stress and have some “me time” is soooo important! You can refocus for the week ahead – it will make you fresher, happier and much more focused.

So what are you going to do differently today?

Enjoy your day! x

Winter lookbook 2018 ❄️

Hello guys!

Today I’m going to share my winter lookbook for 2018. This is a collection of outfits me and my friends have put together with outfits they have all put together themselves. I love all of these and I’m super proud of all of them!

Firstly my friend Beth, who has two amazing outfits that are perfect for winter. One is quite casual while the other is a little bit dressy.

Here’s where you can get the outfits –

• Jeans – Primark

• Dungarees and top – New Look

• Coat – Boohoo

• Jumper – Next

Next my friend Sacha, who has 3 cute outfits. The first is great for outdoor winter, the second is great for a dressy theme and the last one is a cozy, stay at home outfit.

Here’s where you can get her outfits –

• Top – Primark

• Dress – Matalan

• Coat – River Island

• Jeans – Next

• Hat – New Look

My friend Bella, who has created an awesome outfit and gets points for her photography ( it’s great).

Her outfit –

• Jumper – H&M ( in extra large to make it comfy)

• Earmuffs – Next

Lastly, my friend Holly who has a beaut outfit that is great for a dressy but casual night out.

All the products in her outfit are found in Primark.

That’s all for today, but I hope you enjoyed this post as much as they did creating these outfits. If you’d like to see more posts like this then please let me know in the comments.


Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/LifeIsAsEasyAs

~ Be whoever you want to be ~


Today I want to put this message out there, because a lot of the time we can feel like we are doing things for others and not for ourselves. We can feel like we need to please others and not focus on our own satisfaction. Also, someone may tell you your going down the wrong path or choosing the wrong career, but this is your life. It’s YOUR decision. So make the best of it.

If you want to be a doctor, you can do it. If you want to be a netball player, you can do it. If you want to be a photographer, you can do it.

There will be barriers to overcome along the way but if you are focused then you will do it… just find a way around those barriers and everything will work itself out.

Another thing I’ve learnt is to surround yourself with positive people. This is sooooooo important, if the people around you aren’t making you happy and are not making you push yourself then you’re with the wrong people. I’ve had to work very hard to surround myself with these people but now I know that I have supportive friends who can lead me to the path I want; they can give me a little refresher and point me in the right direction.

That’s true friendship.

Not any of that rubbish that a friend is someone who loves your Snapchat and compliments your hair but will never be there for you, a friend is someone who loves you the way you are and will always be there for you ( even if it means waking them up at 3am ) * wink *.

Yes, it may take a while to find these friends, but I promise you once they’re there, they will never leave your side. This is my favourite quote at the moment-

~ Some friends are for a reason, some are for a season and some are for a lifetime ~

How could you some it up better than that?

All the love x

Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award – 2018!

Thank you to the awesome Azra ( go follow her blog http://www.simpleserenity.wordpress.com ) for nominating me for this award, which I am very excited to do!

The Rules-

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to his/her blog

– List the rules of the award and post a picture of the award

– Answer the questions from your nominator

– Nominate 10 other bloggers and be sure to let them know

– Write a list of questions of your nominees to answer

Questions I got-

1. What is your biggest blogging goal for this year?

Personally, this year its to focus on being more consistent, as consistency is the key to everything and I feel I am not as consistent as I should be! Also as always, to have fun 😊

2. What is next destination on your travel bucket list?

Well, I would love to go and visit Edinburgh but this summer I am looking to go to either torqauy or Cornwall… I love the seaside! 🌊

3. What is one thing that you wish you can do but you are scared to do?

Definitely to have my dream job. I have a role model and I want to be exactly like her when I’m older, but people don’t think I can be like her.. my role model is Zoella! I struggle with anxiety and she has helped me SO MUCH over the past few months. I love blogging and photography so why not? Whenever I tell my friends or family about this ambition they tell me that I can never do it and my role model is a fake, which really upsets me. 😞

4. What is your current favorite meal to have?

Currently I love pizza! 🍕

5. What is your favorite desert?

I think it has to be chocolate, give me any type of chocolate and I’ll be happy!🍫

6. What is last movie you saw and did you like it?

The last movie I saw was Romeo and Juliet ( DiCaprio version ) I am watching it in school and it’s ok however I haven’t reached the end! ( no spoilers please!) *winks* 😉

7. What is your favorite song of the moment?

At the moment I love River by Eminem ft Ed Sheeran. It’s a great tune and it’s so relatable to! 🎶

8. What are your favorite blog posts to read?

I love any type of blog post really, but I’m quite into advice style blog posts now. 💻

Nominees –



Everything Me

Siyana Online

Out n about

Savana loomis

Simple little things

Beauty and the flawed

Faye valentine

Coffee and coats

Questions for my nominees-

1. Why did you start a blog? 💻

2. Do you have any social media? ( please link them if you do!) 📱

3. Favourite cocktail? 🍹

4. Do you watch riverdale? 🌊

5. Beauty, fashion or lifestyle posts? 💄👗

6. Where would you like to go in the future? ✈️

7. What’s your dream job? 🙂

8. Vanilla or chocolate?🍫

Thank you for reading!

What i got for Christmas 2017



Hello guys,

Today I am going to talk through what I got for Christmas this year. I know this post is a bit late but it’s better late than never ( I guess? )… I hope everybody had a great Christmas and Happy new year to you all!


1. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows by J.K Rowling : I was very excited to get this book as I have saw the film and I love reading so it would be a great book to read!
2. Harry Potter : the character vault : I had never heard of this book but I started reading it on Christmas Day and it’s very interesting. It’s a behind the scenes on the making of the characters and about costumes, makeup etc. The cover is very silky and I love the texture of it.
3. The Audition by Maddie Ziegler : I love dance and that’s what this book is about, although I had never heard of it. I have now finished the book and can I just say the ending was a bit expected ( I knew it would be a happy ending ) but the whole concept of the book which was about friendship, dance and changes was amazing… I would definitely recommend this to any teenager!
4. Dork diaries by Rachel Renée Russell : This is a gift I would’ve never brought for myself but however I’ve already started reading it and it’s actually quite interesting. It is aimed at teens and I think it achieves that well.




1. Jack wills socks gift set – this gift set came with 3 pairs of jack wills socks ( one stripy, one spotty and one pink and blue ), English velvet body butter and a gold glittery nail varnish.
2. This makeup bag and body butter trio – my amazing friend Hannah brought me this and the makeup bag is a great size I am yet to use the body butter!
3. A ‘ love. Live. Laugh. ‘ plaque. – this gift is also from Hannah ( she’s too generous!) and it’s one of my favourite quotes ever, I’ve made use of this on my inspiration board.
4. A shower puff and body lotion – this is actually from wilko but it’s soooooooo good… I love to use it after a bath and my dressing gown now smells of it! It’s strawberry and pomegranate scented.
5. The Zoella bits and bobs duo set – I love Zoella and her range these tins are simply beautiful… I adore the rose gold detail and their size are great! My brother brought me this and I’m so grateful 🙂
6. Flutter hand cream- this I have actually found out is from superdrug ( thanks to Emma @TheEmmaEdit ) unfortunately I have not got round to using it yet but I will!
7. NY city girl lipgloss set – this is another set of products which I am yet to use… it’s a beautiful set of 6 lipglosses.



Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon x

A reflection of 2017

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to do a post that’s a bit more serious and reflective. I’m going to reflect and review this year.

Me in August 2017

Me in October 2017

Me in December

There’s just a snapshot of how I’ve changed through the year ( I don’t know if I have changed that much to be honest? ).

Now I’m going to do some reflective bits -:

3 best things about 2017-:

✨ Becoming a teenager!

✨ Having the confidence to sing in Front of people.

✨ Letting go of toxic relationships.

3 of the worst things about 2017-:

💔 I was Constently getting put down by others.

💔 there was a time in 2017 where I felt so down and I couldn’t do anything.

💔 I hardly had any sleep / very little sleep every single night.

3 bad habits I had in 2017 -:

💥 Letting others opinions effect me.

💥 Eating too much chocolate.

💥 Not trying hard enough.

3 good habits I had in 2017-:

👑 Having a good relationship with my family.

👑 Keep doing my passion.

👑 I’ve been keeping my health up because I’ve just got my first cold of the year?!

3 goals for 2018-:

1. Not let people affect my goals.

2. Have a positive mindset.

3. Get better grades.

3 changes for 2018-:

1. Study more effectively.

2. Volunteer and get involved in more things to help boost my confidence.

3. Blog more. At least 2-3 times a week.

Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments what your goals are for 2018! X