Woah! That’s a whole lotta pancakes!

Hello Guys!
Welcome back to LifeIsAsEasyAs! I’m so glad, it’s been nearly a week now! Thank you guys so much for the new followers! I’m so glad that my blog is getting noticed, and that you guys like it! So from the bottom of my heart I’m so happy! 😃❤️

I’m lucky today that I’ve had a teacher training day so I’ve had no school for the whole day! So I’ve been shopping into the town centre and I’ve got some new stuff; which I’m going to share with you on Wednesday’s post!

I’m sorry this post is late! It was meant to be for yesterday but something went wrong and now I have to do it today! So… let’s get on with it! Time for pancakes!

I made my pancakes myself, I’m actually quite proud as I have never made pancakes before! One has Natural Yogurt with honey and banana. And the other one has Nutella and banana! Yummy!

Thats all for today! I hoped you enjoyed today’s very short but yummy post! Pancakes are on their way! Hope you have a brilliant pancake day! What are you having in your pancakes?





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