It’s Wednesday ( Hump Day! )


Happy Hump Day everybody! I hope everyone’s having a lovely day with friends and family. I hope the weather is on your side and it’s not raining! It’s quite warm here – 18 degrees but not as hot as we have been getting.

So it’s afternoon here and I’m currently trying to tackle two projects that I have to do in 2 weeks time!

Today I’ve ate –

Breakfast – Two slices of toast with butter and a smoothie

Snack – crisps

Lunch – A really nice salad and 2 glasses of squash

For dinner I think we may be going out for a meal with friends that I haven’t saw in a long time, I’m really excited to see them! I’ll do my projects for the afternoon and maybe watch a bit of TV.


What we’re eating this week – I’m not sure at all, but I’ve told you what I’ve ate today and what I’m going to eat later.

What I’m reminiscing about – My holidays so far and the fact that another month has gone by and tommorow it’s officially summer!

What I’m loving – My smoothies and the amazing salad I had for lunch just now. Also, Snapchat.

What I’ve been up to – Nothing much. I woke up at 8am then I had my breakfast and went out to town for about half an hour to do some banking and visit my place of worship. Then I came home, played football and started doing preparation for my siblings birthday! Then I had my lunch and now I’m blogging and doing projects for school.

What I’m dreading – going back to school and struggling for the same anxiety and pressure for 7 weeks, also I have loads of exams coming up – I’m particularly worried about my maths one.

What I’m working on – my school projects, some artwork and a dance.

What I’m excited about – My siblings birthday and going out tonight!

What I’m watching/ reading – Watching Britains Got Talent and The Next Step. Reading people’s blogs counts right? Apart from that nothing because I have nothing to read! I need to go to the library and get some new books.

What I’m listening to – Radio 1 when I’m with my dad because that is the radio station he plays and Capital FM with my mom. Apart from that it’s just Despacito by Justin Bieber and Power by Little Mix ft. Stormzy

What I’m wearing – A grey and white checked shirt and black leggings with trainer socks – nothing fancy as I’m just at home on the sofa.

What I’m doing this weekend – celebrating my siblings birthday!

What I’m looking forward to next month – * checks calendar * going to the cinema as a reward for something in school! I forgot about that!

What else is new – I bruised my leg all down the side yesterday but that’s another story!


Let me know what your up to and how your days been? X




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