Goals for July!


Today I’m going to share my goals for July!

1. Read more books!

Knowing that Summer is just round the corner and I won’t have school for 7 weeks is not an excuse for me to slack on my reading! I managed to read 1 book in June and my target for July is to read 2-3 books! I might do a weekly post about what book I’m reading and what books I want to read, maybe?

2. Try to blog regularly…

I am going to try and blog at least 2-3 times a week ; at the moment, I find that it has an impact on my numbers on my blog! So I’m going to blog 2-3 times a week and then build my way up to blogging every day!

3. Organise myself

As it is one of my New Years resolutions I think I am definitely going to put this one in there! I want to use lists to plan my blog posts and try to think about what I need to do every day. It will also help me with my diet and making shopping lists!

Thank you for reading, what are your goals for July?



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